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Spring’s Bold and Bright Color Trends

Every season a new color trend emerges that makes everyone exciting about incorporating that color into their wardrobes. At times, I have felt sticking with…

Spring Trends for 2020

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NYFW 2019 Street Style: My Favorite Trends

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The Biggest Trends for Fall/Winter 2018

The only thing exciting about summer ending is that a new fashion season is starting!  Don’t get me wrong, every season has its perks and…

The Hottest Trend this Summer is the Rattan Handbag

By now you probably have noticed that the biggest trend this summer is the rattan handbag.  Specifically, it’s been the round-shape silhouette in a cross-body…

A Look at Spring’s Trends at Different Price Points

Spring is just about here and it’s time to think about incorporating some of Spring’s trends into our wardrobes.   This season’s trends are a…