Five Pairs of Jeans Every Woman Should Own

How many pairs of jeans should a woman own? Well, in all honesty that answer depends on your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. Studies indicate that the average American woman owns seven pairs of jeans and 25% of American women own 10 or more pairs of jeans. Yet, most women only wear four pairs out of their jeans collection on a regular basis.

With such a dizzying array of cuts, washes, lengths, and fabrics, the endless options can be extremely overwhelming even for the seasoned denim-guru. You may want them all and may want to buy each season’s newest trend, but which ones do you really need? I believe every woman should own five essential pairs of jeans and each pair should fit properly. Unfortunately, there’s no correct answer to how jeans should fit. But a good fit is one that balances out your proportions and highlights your best attributes. Just like the pain of finding the perfect fitting bathing suit, you must try on many different styles and brands to determine the most flattering fit.

Here are the five pair of jeans every woman should own:

1. The date-night jean:

This is that special jean that hugs your curves and emphasizes your best ass-ets! It’s also defined as the “dressier” jean in your collection. The date-night jean should be a dark rinse to give them a more polished look. It’s also the jean you tend to wear with heels. The date-night jean should be considered your favorite pair.

2. Everyday classic – dark rinse:

This is your “go-to” jean that you can dress up or down. This is the jean in your collection that you can easily wear from daytime to nighttime (hence you need an everyday jean in a medium to dark rinse). It can be worn with sneakers, flats or heels (a cropped length is optional, but one of your “everyday classic” jeans should be a cropped length”).

3. Everyday classic -light rinse:

Another essential jean to your collection should be one more pair of the everyday classic. However, this pair should be in a light rinse and considered the most casual pair in your collection. These are the jeans that are your most comfortable and reflect a cool and laid back vibe.

4. The fashion jean:

The fashion jean also referred to as the “novelty” jean. It’s the jean that’s on-trend for the season. It’s the jean with patches, embellishments, rips, fringe, or comes in a unique denim color, etc. Your jeans collection should have one novelty jean to spice up all your tops for the season. Unfortunately, these jeans can be short-lived as they tend to be subjected to how long a trend lasts. So pick a fashion jean that best expresses your style-personality and have fun styling them.

5. The summer essential:

For summer, it’s all about keeping things fun and care-free. The summer essential jean should be light-weight, cropped, and a very light color. Your summer essential should be a white-jean (also known as the “summer uniform”). It is a must-have in your jeans collection because it matches every top in your wardrobe, it can be dressed up or down, and makes every old top look new again. As most of us women know, it’s the most-valuable-player in our pant collection!

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