Men: What Not To Wear On Your First Date

First impressions matter, even post-text messaging, that’s why I’m here to help you newly single men get dressed for your first date.  First dates can be a very stressful experience with so much pressure to come off as charming and likeable.  While personality wins over everything, it’s equally important to consider the way you dress.   You don’t want your date’s first impression to be “omg what is he wearing”.   Trust me, it’s not a good first impression.   With so many fashionable options to choose from, it can be a daunting task to get dressed for a first date.  Not all options will be suitable and you must always take into consideration the venue of the date.  Many men make the mistake of wearing the wrong things on their first date thinking it’s perfectly appropriate.   Well, I’m here to show you some style blunders you should avoid so you can make it to a second date.  Many women believe that a well-dressed man is the sign of good manners.  Be the guy who shows up stylish and whose outfit expresses that you made an effort and care.  It’s a really good starting point.  The rest of the stuff like “charming” and “likeable”, well, that’s up to you….

Here’s a list of five items of what  NOT to wear on your first date: 

1. Scuffed/Dirty/Old Shoes: 

The very first thing that your date will notice about your outfit, are your shoes.   That’s right from one glance an immediate judgement is made about your personality, ability to pay attention to details (or lack thereof), and your financial position.  Therefore, it’s incredibly important to get your footwear game locked down.    Keep your old, scuffed, and dirty shoes for yardwork and make it a point to show up in polished and modern shoes. 

2. Flip Flops/Sandals:

Sorry, but toes are usually not the most attractive part of a man’s body and you want to ease into introducing your feet.   Cover your toes even if the first date is a beach date.   Skip sandals (this includes sandals with socks) and flip flops when you could be wearing boat shoes, sneakers, or loafers

3. Workout/gym outfit:

While gym clothes are comfortable and gives your date the impression that you’re athletic and a health-conscious guy, you may came across as too relaxed and unprepared.  Leave sweatpants, sweatshirts, tank tops, leggings, athletic t-shirts for your gym visits.  Your date will appreciate the effort. 

4. T-shirts with logos:

Any kind of slogan T-shirt is off-limits.   This includes shirts with cartoonish characters, sexually motivated wordings, political slogans, and your favorite sports-team shirts.  Even if you think wearing a t-shirt with logos is a fun way to express yourself, being presentable should be your first priority.  

5. Dad Jeans:

Dad jeans are characterized as an unflattering, high-waisted, and shapeless style of jeans often worn by middle-aged men.  These jeans are no longer fashionable and can immediately age a man.   They are unforgiving and undeniably unforgettable.   It’s more than okay to wear jeans on a first date, as long as they are fitted and flattering. 

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