Holiday Gift Guide for Newly Dating…

If you’re dating someone new, the holidays can raise many awkward questions. The biggest question is should you get your new love a gift? If so, how much should you spend? You don’t want to spend too much (that may seem too aggressive) and being cheap could send the wrong message and can be disappointing. So what and how much is appropriate? Of course, the true answer is really up to you. However, if you are unsure and looking for ideas —here’s a holiday gift guide based on how long you have been dating:

Less Than a Month ($25 – $50):

Books: The gift of literature is a wonderful safe gift. Good etiquette indicates that it is best to choose for the recipient, rather than what you think they should read.

For the Traveler: Italy by Gray Malin $35.00

Candles: A scented candle is the right amount of a romantic gesture and is a gift that can be enjoyed for many weeks after the holidays.

Astrological Candles at $28.00

A Luxurious Lip Balm Set: This limited edition set of three full-size lip balms is the perfect gift to tell your new honey that their lips are on your mind!

Kiehls – Kiss Me Full Size Lip Balm $25

One to Six Months: (Over $50. – $100.)

Food Gift Baskets: – Gourmet gift baskets are a great way to show someone you care about them. Your new partner will appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of the concept.

Godiva– $68.00

Bathing Oils: Treat your new love to a luxurious bathing trio to lift their spirits during a bath or shower.

Molton Brown – 3-piece Floral & Citrus Shower Gel – $75.00

Flower Arrangements: Nothing is sweeter than receiving roses. If you are ready to express your love during the holiday season, sending roses can help you get your message across with class. These by Venus Et Fleur are longlasting and will last up to a year.

Venus Et Fleur Le Mini Square – $84.00

Six Months to a Year: ($100 and Up)

Leather Gloves: Beautifully made leather gloves make for a sophisticated and functional gift that anyone would love to receive.

Saks Fifth Avenue Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves $164.67

Crystal: A beautiful crystal art piece is an elegant, classy, and timeless gift.

The Baccarat Lucky Butterfly, Iridescent $175.00

Perfume: Fragrances are a very intimate and memorable gift to receive. Although this purchase can seem too personal, people do have multiple fragrances that they wear depending on their mood or the occasion. I say go for it!

Tom Ford Fabulous Eau De Parfum Set $340.00

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