Holiday Dressing Inspiration

Holiday dressing season is rapidly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about your holiday wardrobe. It’s been a long two years with most of us laying low due to Covid and related restrictions. The good news is that life is starting up again — there are planned holiday parties, family gatherings, travel and a renewed interest in getting dressed. Which makes this Holiday season the right time to turn up the volume on your holiday attire. My mantra is “life is a party, so dress like you are going to one”. So if you are going to a party or just feel like dressing up again, here is some inspiration.

Holiday Outfit Ideas:


Wearing velvet to a holiday party is such a natural choice because it’s seasonally appropriate and fancy enough. Plus velvet and winter just go together and it’s always a polished, sophisticated look. I’m loving the beautiful colors available in velvet this season.


There is nothing more glamorous then wearing a sequins outfit during the holidays. Whether it’s a full on sequins dress, or sequins pant paired with a white shirt, or a sequins top worn with jeans or trousers, –it’s a sure way to brighten up your holidays.


Feathers are a great statement piece to show that you are ready to celebrate the holiday season. If your invite says “festive casual”, why not have some fun and wear a feather skirt paired with a casual sweater? If you can’t do a full feather skirt or top, any feather-trimmed clothing piece will make a statement too!


Nothing screams holiday style like red tartan. It’s an extremely festive plaid and very popular this time of year. December is my favorite month to wear tartan. It’s a great choice for the holiday season.


Holiday dresses are great, but jumpsuits are even better. There’s so much to love about jumpsuits. They’re chic, sophisticated, and there are a variety of styles to fit every body type.

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