Packing Tips for Italy this Summer (2024)!

This past month I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Rome, Italy, for three weeks.   The purpose of my trip was twofold:  first, I wanted to revisit Rome as a tourist to enjoy its history, art, culture, and breathtaking landscape: and second, I took a two-week course on costume design for film.  My trip was full of various activities that required different outfits.   Planning my wardrobe for this trip was essential as I wanted to bring the right items that were both functional and stylish.  I’m happy to say that I packed the right amount of clothes and wore everything I packed!

If you are traveling to Italy this summer or another European destination, here are some quick packing tips to help you pack efficiently:

  1. Always check the weather forecast and pack accordingly.  Italy is hot in the summer, so  choose breathable fabrics like cotton and linen.   Flowy silhouettes and not too tight clothing are your best options.   Also, take one sweater, as it can cool down slightly in the evenings.
  2. Pack accordingly to your itinerary.    Map out what kind of outfits your days and nights will entail.  (i.e., lots of walking, casual lunches, fancy dinners, i.e.).  Lay out approximately what you’ll be doing each day and evening.  For a seven-day trip, bring at least two outfits per activity (if you are staying longer than a week pack at least three outfits per activity).
  3. Pack what you LOVE and put these outfits on repeat! There is nothing worse than getting to Italy and unpacking clothing that you are not excited about wearing.
  4. When selecting shoes, consider the activities and cobblestone streets (Italy is full of cobblestone streets!). For sightseeing, opt for lifestyle sneakers or flat sandals.   These options provide comfort and stability on uneven surfaces.   For evenings (fancier dinners) pack wedges or short-block heels.  They too offer more stability.
  5. For handbags –take two types: a crossbody bag for day and a stylish one for the evenings.  Make one a raffia bag -they are so Italian and scream summer!
  6. For accessories – pack your fun costume jewelry.   While Italy is generally very safe, it’s always better to be cautious!  Also- pack two pairs of sunglasses to change up your looks!

If you are unsure how to pack for a trip, let me be your suitcase stylist!  Schedule a free phone consultation to get started.

Here’s a quick video I posted on Instagram of my outfits:

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