Seven Days in a Carry-on Bag: Portugal 2022.

Seven days in a carry-on bag! If I could do it, so can you!  This July I had the privilege of traveling to Algarve, Portugal, for a casual beach vacation. Given the horror stories I heard about luggage getting lost and never making it to their destination, I was compelled to try traveling with only a carry-on bag and an oversized tote.  It was my first time ever traveling overseas without checking a bag in and I’m hear to say it’s very doable all while maintaining your style!    It just takes planning..

Planning out your outfits is the most important step in packing. I started with a list of what to bring in my Notes app on my iphone. I then began to formulate what I would wear each day and jotted down the specific items I needed to bring. When you write things out, you are able to see that you don’t need many of the things you think you do. From there I was able to narrow down exactly what to bring. I then recommend laying out each outfit with shoes, jewelry and bags. Then place all items in your luggage. The trick to fitting everything in your carry-on bag is to use the rolling method –roll everything and stuff everything into every nook and cranny of your luggage. The second trick to fitting everything into your carry-on bag is to use an oversize tote because you will need the extra space.

Here’s a quick guide to help you pack for a seven-day-casual- beach vacation in carry-on bag:

1.  Plan your travel outfit before you put everything in your suitcase. You should wear your heaviest items on the plane so you don’t have to stuff them into your carry-on (i.e., sweater, pants, oversized scarf, sneakers or chunky sandals).
2.  You only need five casual outfits for seven days.   Two outfits will have to be on repeat and used for day-to-night time activities. 
3.  Pack three bathing suits and two swimming coverups.
4.  Three workout style outfits (if you don’t workout on holiday, replace my recommendation with one casual-day outfit).
5.  Two pairs of pjs. 
6. Here’s the real sacrifice (lol)- bring only neutral colored sandals to match every outfit.  Pack three pair:  one evening sandal:  one casual flat sandal;  one pool/beach sandals.  Wear your sneakers on the plane. 
7. Take one small evening bag 
8. One small beach bag/tote
9. Curate traveling jewelry to match all outfits. 
9. Use an oversized tote bag in addition to the carry-on. This will give you additional room for things that won’t fit into the carry-on.  

If you have trouble packing efficiently, please don’t hesitate to call me and we can pack together! Also –follow me on Instagram for more inspiration and videos (my Insta handle is Lucia Gulbransen).

Wishing you happy travels this summer!   Xo

Here are some of my looks from my trip:

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