Lucia Gulbransen gave a stimulating presentation at the Westport Woman’s Club titled “Style Confidence at Any Age”. She has delighted the audience with her lively and informative talk on the interplay of fashion and personal style. In the words of our club members
“….Lucia’s presentation was fun and interesting.”
” …the program was inspiring and colorful!”

Ana Hitri, Ph.D. Program Chair, Westport Woman’s Club (April 2017)


I have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of Lucia’s expertise for a whole array of services although we started out with Color analysis. I wear black a lot but thanks to the color analysis and personal shopping I have branched out considerably and been the recipient of many compliments as a result.

One of the personal shopping trips I have done with her was for an outfit for my 40th Birthday party. She took me slightly out of my comfort zone but gave me the confidence to be there. She then followed up by researching the perfect accessories to go with the outfit. I have since seen a few celebrities in the same outfit but I can safely say that the accessories Lucia chose elevated my outfit way beyond theirs.  More recently she came to my home to do a closet audit as I am about to take my life in a different direction and want help with repurposing my clothes and finding out the gaps I have. Within no time she had sent me a list of links to items she thought would help me bring outfits together.

Lucia is the most stylish woman I know and I couldn’t be happier that she is now sharing that knowledge with others. The world will be a more stylish place as a result.

Julia – Bermuda Client